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It’s Time To Eliminate The Gay Greatest Pal Stereotype

Jubilee’s mom can be queer and married to a woman. Let’s play a game — an exercise to grasp the error of the “gay greatest friend” stereotype. Close your eyes and imagine the entire world were LGBTQ+ and that the minority sexuality have been hetero. Would we gay of us search out a token straight friend?

At least i feel higher having made identified my feelings to her. And if i had been to lose her friendship because of that, oh properly so be it. It could be better as i do not have to be round them. I guess might be simpler for me to maneuver on from there. Meanwhile i will simply comtinue to stalk her.

Which means I get to stick my finger in your drink and swirl it around and overlook a birthday of yours right here and there and steal your weed. Frankly, I’m gonna be one of the best gay greatest good friend you’ve got ever had, as a outcome of I don’t know what that might even presumably in the end mean and I just want you not to be a dick and just be rad and let’s hang around as a end result of I’m hungry. Yes, he could be actually cool, however that’s not the only cause I love him. He’s there for me in times of want, is all ears after I talk about life and whine about love endlessly.

Plus, they’re not pals as a result of they’re gay. However, Rachel has an unsightly habit of calling Kurt her “best gay”. When she tries that on Elliot, he immediately tells her he hates it, as a result of it makes him feel like a pet. The gay protagonist, Jon, has a Darcy, his straight feminine greatest friend who seems to exist primarily to assist him out together with his relationship issues. She’s a unusual artist, but her a part of the plot offers primarily with how her worries about Jon take over her personal life.

I may nonetheless see him proper in front of race. I might see him quiver as he braced for me to react. There was my own good friend, ready for me to reject him. I remembered times we had spent collectively; tastes we had shared, wants we had filled for one another.

There seems to be this idea, underlined by shows like Will & Grace and different early aughts media, that straight women are innate allies to gay men. That requesting someone be your gay sidekick should be seen as complimentary — or even a sort of acceptance — rather than ignorant or insensitive. It’s not that there isn’t some truth to the cliché; I consider that the friendship between a gay man and a straight lady could be a distinctive and special factor, arising from a commonality of expertise.

Having gay pals does not routinely free you from homophobic attitudes. None of this is extra true than taking a look by way of my own lens as a gay man rising up in England. Whilst I was fortunate enough to be born in an period (The 1980’s) where homosexuality was now not illegal in our country, I grew up in a catholic family, where being gay is taken into account a sin. This reminds me my pal group was discussing like what stereotype we were considered one of my associates was like “I’m the gay best friend” and we all seemed unimpressed like bro 5/6 of us are queer. I feel like gays are more relatable to ladies. Their isn’t, usually, any sexual tension.