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Our passion goes beyond renewable energy,
We believe we should be solving people's day to day problems

Renewable Energy

Renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

We process organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste to make them useful to the environment
Research And Development
We are committed to keep iterating and developing more clean-tech solutions that enable our customers to choose when and how much they pay.


Our Vision:
To create a waste driving economy, and be the leading sustainable and affordable clean energy company in Africa

About Us

Arleegreen Renewables is Bio-technological clean tech solution provider aimed at improving standard of living of people in rural and urban cities living on per capita income less than 2 dollar per day.

Our solution is targeted at creating affordable and dependable clean energy. We are heartily convinced and believe in biogas technology, but not limited to this innovation among other forms of renewable energy technologies, our core focus is affordability of such technologies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, persevering our environment is our ultimate goal.

Our biogas solution is specific in waste challenge by converting waste in both rural and urban cities into other useful energy resources, improving the climatic conditions, providing clean energy for cooking, electrification heating and bio-fertilizer for farmers to tackle food insecurity in developing countries.

Our Mission

To relentlessly innovate to solve daily waste and energy wicked problems in Africa, using technology as its frontrunner.



Biogas Digester Benefits

Reduce Production Cost

Generating Electricity

Heating of Poultry Birds

Biofertilizer Better Replacement for Chemical Fertilizer

Generate Energy for Cooking


Arleegreen Bio-digester

This is an improved compatible mobile modularized biogas system made from two high-density polyethylene tanks and standard plumbing materials, designed to suit domestic and commercial purposes. The large tank is the bioreactor contains the waste material while the smaller tank is positioned into the larger one. The smaller inverted tank is the floating gas chamber whose rise is proportional to the produced gas and acts as storage space of the gas. The gas can then be used directly for cooking on a biogas stove and its by-product the liquid effluent (slurry) from the digester which serves as a better replacement for chemical fertilizer in gardens and for Agriculture.

Arleegreen Biogas Plant (Large Scale)

This Biogas plant is designed to withstand more pressure and to take care of large volume of waste. This plant is capable of consuming of 30kg of waste and above daily to suit the services of our client in various organization such as farms, ranches, abattoirs, hostels, hotels, eateries etc) that produce tons of organic waste weekly, creating a waste circular economy. A waste audit is normally conducted to determine the size and the design of the system to be installed for biogas efficiency.